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Bedroom Furniture Bankstown
Bedroom Furniture Bankstown

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Find your Perfect Bedroom Furniture Ranging from Bed Frames, Bed Bunks, Mattress & more in Bankstown

Renovating your bedroom or just wanting to change your mattress, Opera Furnitures has got you covered for all your bedroom furniture needs in Bankstown. Our collection of bedroom furniture includes- Bed Frames, Bed Bunks, Mattress, Wardrobes, Cabinets (Drawers and Tallboys) and Bed Stands. We are sure that all your bedroom furniture needs would be covered, if not, then we also provide customised solutions to help you find your perfect match that would transform the way your bedroom looks.
While selecting your bedroom furniture, though style and designs are important to give the aesthetic value, at the end of the day, it's the place where you would be needing some quality sleep. Hence the comfort of your mattress also plays an important role. To find that perfect balance between aesthetic and comfort, our expert sales team would guide you through the entire process and help you find your desired match.
Finding the bed of the correct size, design, and styles
While buying your bed, check out the different sizes they are available. There are usually Twin beds (for small kids), Twin XL (for teenagers and dorms use), Full (for young adults), Queen Size and King Size beds (for adults and couples). There are multiple designs that you can choose from such as Sofa beds, Futon, Water beds, Air beds, Convertible beds, Round beds, Diwans, Ottoman beds, Upholstered beds, and cots. Styles include- Traditional, Rustic, Modern, Industrial, Retro, Mid-century, French, Distressed and Scandinavian beds. For kids, we have a variety of cots and bed bunks that are available. We also provide customised bed bunks for kids.
Find your Perfect Bed Frames
Bed frames play an important role in the durability of your bed. They come at different price points and there are multiple choices that one can choose from-
  • Standard (low ground, having headboard and footboard).
  • Simple (low ground, but without headboard and footboard).
  • Metal (Solid, simple, and quite durable).
  • Wooden (Sturdy, heavy and easy to customise),
  • Brass (helps give that antique looks and are usually quite cheap),
  • Upholstered (Bed frames wrapped in fabric usually leather, velvet, etc., having multiple designs and embroidery).
  • Adjustable (as the name suggests can be used to adjust the position of the head and leg).
  • Platform (usually lower ground, having thick and sturdy base).
  • Wrought Iron Frame (most durable and having multiple designs in headboard and footboard).
  • Slat bed frames (made from wood planks and attached with rubber holders).

Bedroom Storages
Nowadays there is storage space that is present within your beds as well. But besides that, one can have beautifully crafted dressers, Tallboy cabinets and not to forget about your wardrobe- be it for your dress or shoe collections. Having a nightstand table beside your bed to place your books or mobile phones can also help add to your decor.
Why choose us for your bedroom furniture needs in Bankstown?
  • Customer Satisfaction is our top priority, and we would help you find your perfect match. One can surely find a wide range of bedroom furnishing from our online furniture store and if you want any specific designs and style, our expert craftsmen can build and provide it to you.
  • We sell only top-quality products that are authentic, exceptionally reliable, and durable. On purchase, if you find any faults or damages, we provide a free 14-day replacement or refund on product return.
  • You can be assured that your purchase would arrive at your doorstep at the shortest turnaround time. We also provide free shipping Australia wide for orders of $1000 and above.
  • As we manufacture our furniture, we can afford to sell them at much lower and affordable prices, which comes along with a warranty. Payments can be made through multiple options, which is an additional bonus.

Visit our online furniture store today to check out the latest deals along with the trends. If you have any doubts, then contact us on 02-9748-3107 or email us at info@operafurnitures.com.au. We are available all 7 days a week and our experts would happily answer all your queries. If you want to witness some of our quality products in a hands-on way, be sure to book an appointment and visit our store at Shop 18 Home Focus Bankstown, 173 Canterbury Rd Bankstown NSW 2200. Our sales team would then personally tend to your needs.
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