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Furniture Belmore
Furniture Belmore

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Opera Furnitures- Your one-stop shop for all your furniture needs in Belmore

At Opera Furnitures, we pride ourselves on delivering custom solutions for any design problems related to your living room furniture needs in Belmore. We offer both furniture and design services at affordable prices.
We have our in-house manufacturing which allows us to save additional cost and sell our products at wholesale prices. Our services had started almost three decades back when we started to sell distinctive looking and innovative furniture selections, that would make it easy for you to find that perfect piece for your home. Our professional sales team would cater to your needs personally to help make your shopping experience as smooth as possible. Buying furniture from us, one can be assured to get products only of the highest quality and durability.
Follow the expert guide tips to create wonderful looking Living Rooms in Belmore
Placement of your living room furniture
The first step is to check your home layout. It might be that you have a small living room with little flexibility, whatever the size of our spaces, work your designs around one thing: The TV. Get yourself some beautifully crafted entertainment unit. If you have space, orchestrate furniture to make purposeful zones. Certainly, one should have a sofa that is only for TV admirers, but it also helps create a defined reading space by putting an easy chair next to a window or table lamp.
Picking the Perfect Sofa
Be it visiting the online furniture store or an outlet, it’s easy to get caught up in tones and couch texture decisions when picking a sofa, but ignore the frills, to begin with, focus on the more practical aspects. Start by measuring the size and shape of your room, how many people you need to seat, where in the room the sofa will go. Only then consider your sofa's style, shape and colour.
Pick a neutral shade for the covers because it's simpler to redesign around. Or choose Bright or strikingly designed sofas for your living room furniture in Belmore, to make the centre of attraction, yet be certain you'll cherish them if possible.
Choose from our wide range of Living Room furniture
We can help you provide some of the most elegant looking and highly functional Sofas, Lounges, Chairs, Rugs, Display and Entertainment Units for your Living Room needs. Some of our top-selling fabric lounges that you could be interested in could be Amando, Chesterfield, Maxi and Madeline. If leather is your go-to option then try for Milano, Seattle corner lounge and Evelyn Chaise. Add our beautiful rugs to transform your living area. Our furnishings are available in multiple colour options such as Beige, Grey, Charcoal Black, Blue, Red and many more for you to choose from to get that perfect match for your living room spaces. All our products would be made from the highest quality materials.
For your sofa to look stylish, add a few cushions in different shapes, sizes, colours and prints.
  • The benefits that one will get from choosing our service in Belmore
  • We do not compromise with the quality of your furniture.
  • We ensure fast and free shipping across Australia with help of reliable service providers.
  • We ensure 100% satisfaction with a money-back guarantee.
  • We offer buyers a 14-day money-back on the replacement and return of products.
  • We provide customised solutions for your sofa, bed, dining table, or any furniture.
  • Multiple payment options to choose from.

Visit our online furniture store today to find your perfect living room furniture in Belmore. Get amazing discounts on select decors. For queries, contact us on 02-9748-3107 or write to us at info@operafurnitures.com.au.
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