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Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

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Designer Coffee Table for Everyone
Looking for an aesthetic-looking coffee table in Sydney that will become the centrepiece of attraction? Well, look no further. Opera Furnitures is your one-stop solution in finding a coffee table of any kind for all your needs.
Many people in Sydney lands up with a coffee table that looks perfect online, but it becomes something otherwise. To avoid yourselves from getting you in this mess, we bring you some of the finest quality coffee tables that will perfectly match your revamped or old living space.
Things to consider before getting a coffee table.
  • Space availability

As stated earlier, the coffee table should be the key point of attraction but not fill up the entire space. So, depending on your space, we can help you select or build a perfectly aesthetic coffee table that will not only be space-efficient but also make your room light and spacious.
  • The functionality

Again, it all comes down to the usage and who will use it. If you have children, then you should go for a table with rounded corners. Moreover, along with space availability consider the frequency of the use, based on which you can choose its size.
At Opera Furnitures we excel at making customised coffee tables that suit your space. We have a range of myriad options to choose from. Whether your taste lies in old-world rustic modern and chic, we provide you with all. Here we create a perfect blend of steel and wood for the ultimate edgy finish and top it off with the finest quality top glass.
As stated, the coffee table forms the heart of the room. Here, we can curate the table according to your demand. So, whether you want a coffee table for playing gaming consoles, or simply want to accommodate some extra space, you can get it all under one roof.
Moreover, with our range of coffee tables available in Sydney, you can create your own cosy space, with just some proper lighting and accessories.
Why choose us?
  • Top-quality fabrication

If you are looking for a pro-level finish that will stand out, then you need to step into our store. By sourcing in some of the finest quality materials, we make sure you receive a premium finished product that will not only be value for money but also have an exquisite appearance.
  • Comprehensive rates

Unlike us, no second furniture store in Sydney can deliver premium quality coffee tables at such competitive rates. By choosing us you enjoy the best of both worlds, the finest fabricated coffee tables along with cheap rates.
  • Super-fast delivery

We promise and hence we deliver. No matter what is the size of the project we will be right out of your doorstep on the day that we promised.
A coffee table brings you an aesthetically pleasing appearance and binds the whole look of the living area. It becomes the heart of the space surrounding which you and your loved one spend quality time. So, don’t just choose anything. If you are based in Sydney, Australia, then contact us on 02-9748-3107 or email us at info@operafurnitures.com.au. We together can design the trendiest coffee table that will become the signature of your personality. Our customer-friendly professionals that are available 7 days a week, would solve all your doubts and queries you have regarding your custom coffee table needs. One can directly visit our showroom as well at -173 Canterbury Rd, Bankstown NSW 2200, but with a prior appointment.
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